Partner Program



DeepSukebe Partner Program enables 3rd party developers to develop their own apps using our AI engine as basic building block.

Typical features developers can add are :

  • Easy payment methods
  • Further image editing/manipulation
  • Mobile native app
  • Convenient UI

Ship your own apps all over the world.


The value of partner program for developers are :

  • Using state of the art AI without R&D cost
  • Leveraging our brand established in the market
  • Integrating our AI engine easily


We started DeepSukebe Partner Program to accelerate making men's dreams come true.

The Aims of DeepSukebe Partner Program are :

  1. Distributing AI experience all over the world
    • users can use our AI more with easy payments instead of cryptocurrency
    • users can have better experience
      • better localization instead of machine translation
      • native mobile app capabilities
      • automating repeated process
      • more custom needs
  2. Acceralating R&D
    • we can focus more on AI Research while delegating the development of additional features to partners
    • both of us can share R&D cost of AI and cooperate for men's dreams
      • typically, development of AI/ML apps is 3 times or more difficult than ordinary apps because of its validation difficulties
  3. Making project sustainable
    • we can prevent sudden suspension of service, even termination of project
      • Some player have awful power killing other entities in today's world
      • Only way we can do is to decentralize as possible
      • e.g. recent incident of Pornhub (but not only that)

Getting Started

To sign up DeepSukebe Partner Program, follow steps below :

  1. Contact us via web form on contact page (/contact)
    • we can offer substantial discount for partners
  2. Buy bulk API tickets for partners
    • same functionality as premium ticket in our site
    • more processing option for helping the development of partnerts apps
    • ticket include additional quota for testing/development
  3. Integrate our AI with your apps
    • API complying with Open API 3.0
    • Out of box sample codes
  4. Ship your apps
    • we list your apps in our site and help your promotion